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Dental technician Karipidis Iordanis Kozani Greece



We exploit

  • Own unique, registered patents
  • 50 years experience
  • The power of many

What do you earn

  • Reliable cooperation and transparency
  • You become a shareholder-partner in a large business
  • Your participation is secured by contract
  • You enjoy a great return on investment
  • You earn money from the first euro


  • An innovative investment!
  • A global innovation!
  • A profitable choice!

How it works

As soon as the amount is collected, the list of the investors is closed and you register your shareholding with contract. This shareholding applies for life and from generation to generation
The amount of the investment is determined by the Board of Directors that will result from the company.

Example of profit distribution

Suppose 10 shareholders contribute from €‎2 to €‎1000 and a capital of 1.757€‎ is raised in the following way. The percentage of participation corresponding to each shareholder is obtained by dividing the capital by the corresponding amount, according to the table below.

49% Profit Sharing Table

Shareholders Deposit € Distribution factor * Sum
1 2€ 5,69152 11,38€
2 5€ 5,69152 28,45€
3 10€ 5,69152 56,91€
4 20€ 5,69152 113,83€
5 30€ 5,69152 170,74€
6 40€ 5,69152 227,66€
7 50€ 5,69152 284,57€
8 100€ 5,69152 569,15€
9 500€ 5,69152 2.845,75€
10 1000€ 5,69152 5.691,51€
SUM: 1.757€ 10.000€
* Distribution factor = 10,000 / 1,757 = 5,69152

I invite all partner dentists in order to create a multi-shareholder company with promising prospects.

Our goal is to make a huge business even by global standards.

First of all, the cooperation agreement takes precedence. Following is our decision for the realization of the largest dental laboratory in the world (1+1) which will be supported by 75% from the European ERDF programs. Therefore, the level of the infrastructure of the space is perceived, which will have the image of an ultra-luxurious construction.

Dentists, nationwide, will have excellent conditions both in the waiting room and in their office. A promotional booklet will provide images, photos and information on all activities. Papageorgiou hospital had done something similar.

We think it will be a great advertisement.

A small sample of denture production in my workshop with my innovation.

10 dental technicians + 1 accountant = 11 people. The 10 dental technicians with the projected production yield a net profit of approximately €120,000 per month.

The benefits resulting from the implementation of the innovation that I propose in my 1+1 dental laboratory for the dentist are many and substantial.
The time gain is indeed impressive.
The financial benefits that come from this application are tempting, even for customers, and even for those who are facing difficulties.

The dentist is possessed by the mental tax because the number of new clients exceeds all expectations. Success is absolutely guaranteed for everyone. It is a central axis that supports this edifice.

Regardless of everyone's financial situation, everyone has the same successful end result (99%).

The end result is the best advertisement in itself. The goods of nature are highlighted in the best way

I copy 99% the oral cavity separately for each person. The color of the teeth, the size of the teeth, their shape, in the same position where each tooth is located, the position of the occlusal surface of the SPI arch. It's all about patient quality

Competitive advantages of investment

N We create the largest Dental Laboratory 1+1 in Greece
N We use our own unique registered patents

N We create a multi-shareholder base

N We harness the power of many

N We all need dentures at some point in our lives
N We cover the needs of the whole country
N We create new jobs
N We offer speed, convenience, economy

What customers and Dentists win

N All people could be our clients
N Visits to the Dentist are limited

N 1+1 : only 2 appointments are needed to complete the construction and application of the denture instead of 5-6 needed today

N A 99% success rate is achieved in the construction and application of the denture
N Dentists gain time, money and new patients


1. Who can participate in the investment scheme?

Everyone who is not excluded by the law.

2. How much can I invest?

As much as you wish

How can the 1+1 Dental Laboratory grow further?

The 1+1 Dental Laboratory can be developed through European programs with a subsidy of up to 75%.

4. How do I register as a shareholder?

You are secured by contract

5. What is the minimum amount of participation in the investment scheme?

There is no minimum participation amount and new people can become shareholders and earn money

6. When should I deposit the money?

First you express your interest and then you will be informed about the deposit method

7. Who is leading the whole enterprise?

Dental Technician Iordanis Karypidis (11th October 9, P.O. 50132, Kozani, Greece) and the Board of Directors that will arise from the company. Groups, associations, municipalities and islands can become shareholders.

As in the wreck of the ship "HERAKLEIO" on the island of Falconera in 1967 with dozens of victims. The people of Crete did a fundraiser and got their own ship.

The company was named ANEK LINES.

Today it is the first maritime power in the EU.

8. Where will the Dentast Laboratory 1-1 be based?

Where appropriate

9. Can it be extended to other countries?

Yes. Its registered patents and innovations enable it to expand worldwide,

10. How many can participate in the investment scheme?

Those deemed necessary, depending on the expression of the interest.

11. Who can cooperate with the Dental Laboratory?

All Dentists

12. What advantages does the 1+1 Dental Laboratory offer?

Today you have as a gift from nature your triumphant and most melodious voice, your sparkling smile, the clarity of your voice, your orthophony, the radiance of your face and the wonderful colors of your voice. What nature gave you is perfect. The 1+1 Dental Laboratory gives you a 99% success rate for your future dentures.

As far as professions in the artistic field (actors, singers and similar) are concerned, in these areas, therefore, it has the ultimate application.

Join in and be a link in the chain and help it reach the edge of the world.

So far, how many euros have you given for gambling?

And what did you get?

While now these euros become capital in your company (ours) and you earn forever

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